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DISTRIBUTED Collaborative Work – Designing digital project work

Suddenly being torn out of familiar working environments and processes is for many employees one of the most direct effects of the current crisis. Whether it is meetings, workshops or informal chats: what used to be taken for granted as part of the normal working day is now difficult in view of the widespread use of a home office. Digital solutions cannot replace face-to-face communication 100 percent. But when used and lived correctly, they open other, hardly less efficient communication processes. They can be set up within days and ensure that cooperation is stable again.

The goal is to convert your processes to Remote Work as quickly as possible. Together with you, we analyse the initial situation of your company at short notice and organise a rapid transition into working digitally.

From the building blocks "Collaboration Readiness", "Collaboration Onboarding" and "Collaboration Execution", we put together the activities that suit your requirements.


In the first phase, we jointly create the technological and organisational basis for distributed cooperation. When it comes down to it, all parties involved will know within one day which methods and tools the company wants to use for the deployment of Remote Work.


These include:

  • Maturity check: Where do your employees start? Which skills and tools are already available? How do your employees work together digitally?
  • Checking the technical framework: Tools, platforms, licenses, infrastructure
  • Technology-neutral consulting for the design of a collaborative approach
  • Creation of an onboarding concept and action plan for the launch
  • Creating access to a learning environment for all participants, for example a Microsoft Teams-room


We provide you with a method coach and a technical expert for carrying out the analysis and for creating the onboarding concept and the necessary catalogue of measures.


Depending on the conditions and size of the project framework, first results are available after only one day.


In the second phase, we implement the foundations created for distributed cooperation. The aim is to provide a suitable collection of tools. At the end of this phase, the digital tools are understood and the distributed work is practiced exemplarily.


These include:

  • Introduction to the use of collaboration tools and the supply of digital learning materials
  • Conduct online training based on typical scenarios of digital collaboration, such as communication, document work and work organisation
  • The participants directly learn the special rules of the game and the etiquette of digital collaboration
  • Consulting-packages for the successful work organisation of distributed teams


We provide you with the technical expert who ensures the initial setup and the method coach who accompanies the implementation of the training measures.


Depending on the conditions and size of the project framework, first results are available after only two days.


In the third phase, the daily work and project routine is lived in distributed scenarios in the daily business. The foundations are laid and tools and processes are understood. Now companies can implement digital workshop formats like the Interaction Room. The productivity of the employees is ensured.


These include:

  • Conception, planning and implementation of concrete remote formats with project set-up, interviews, workshops, securing results, communication activation and scheduling
  • If required, the provision of a method coach as a permanent team member, who ensures the maturity development of digital collaboration and activates communication
  • Support in building the community and recommendations for further optimisation of individual digital teamwork


We provide a method coach and moderator to accompany the concrete formats. Step by step, our experts enable your employees and teams to organise, implement and supervise appropriate formats.


Depending on the requirements and size of the project framework, the process takes three to six weeks.



You can easily implement your digital transformation plans with Microsoft tools and the experience of our experts.

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