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Your personal development at adesso

Our employees bring new ideas and technologies together

We innovate at the highest level, which is why we facilitate the personal development of our employees. This is because if our employees improve, so do we. We are open to new approaches and regularly exchange ideas and information, even with external experts. This mind-set serves as the basis for innovation, continuous progress and your success with us.

Further education

Profit from knowledge - we create the basis for it

Whether training courses, management training or architect training - we offer you the further education opportunities you need. We also pass on our specialist knowledge at various trade and theme fairs.


In our training program you can choose from more than 120 offers. These range from basic technological and methodological knowledge for beginners to specialist knowledge of our core industries, software solutions or project management. We also improve your soft skills in a targeted manner.

Leadership career path

To ensure that you start successfully in your leadership role, we will accompany you systematically. Our leadership training "licence to lead" prepares you for the new challenges in everyday management. Our Welcome Day for Managers provides you with the operational tools for the smooth running of employee processes, and you will receive constant support in your personal development within the framework of our seminar programme. From this lead-and-learn program, you choose your personal focus topics, so that our qualified trainers also provide experienced managers with new impulses for fulfilling their role at the highest level.

Take an active part in shaping the understanding of leadership at adesso: In semi-annual leader circles the participants support each other in an interactive exchange of experiences with colleagues on practical cases from everyday management.

Professional career

The right path for everyone: Experienced software engineers take on responsibility as software architects in exciting projects after completing their internal architectural training. Through the Senior Software Architect you can become a Principal Software Architect, guiding others or working on the architecture of several projects in parallel. In the project manager training you will acquire theoretical and practical skills for managing complex projects. In Project Management, your advancement to Senior Project Manager is possible. Consultants at adesso can go through various trainings and certifications to obtain the certificate as adesso certified IT consultant.


Whether as a speaker or participant at trade fairs and events such as OOP, JAX or W-JAX. We are present.


Acting with an eye to the future

Our goal is to grow with our customers. In doing so, we strive for healthy, consistent growth. For this purpose we systematically analyse industries, markets and regions and discover opportunities. adesso thus opens up new fields of business and activities and opens up locations that are close to customers and the jobs of the future.

Searched: Further thinkers

We deal with mobilization, Industry 4.0 and digital business processes - and everything in between. With our Think Competition, we encourage thinking and lateral thinking from newcomers to professionals. We implement the best suggestions and concepts. And reward those who have inspired us.

Wanted: Agility

We rely on agile methods and on professional and technological exchange with room for free thinking - our flexible organisation gives us the opportunity to do this.

"We always keep an eye out for innovative ideas and developments with potential so that we can use them to our advantage."
Andreas Prenneis, member of the board of directors

Targeted: Trend Scouting

We prefer to moderate trends instead of chasing after them. We have two committees for this. With our Technology Advisory Board, we identify, evaluate and prioritize technology trends. The University Advisory Board was initiated to improve the transfer of knowledge between research and practice. Here, executives and professors from renowned universities exchange information on current scientific and technological topics.

Designed: Growth

Our business is based on innovative ideas and sustainable technologies - but we can only bring both together at the highest level with committed people. Therefore we invest in the development of employees and technologies. adesso is close to the market and its customers. This opens up new opportunities again and again. Our plan: to continue to create new successes on a solid basis.

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