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13.02.2024 By Sven Wijsman

Why I choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE

Picture Sven Wijsman

My decision to become a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE consultant started during corona period. Previously, I worked as a training consultant for a company that organized events and training courses. This is where I first used Dynamics 365. Everyone recognizes the corona period; we couldn't do anything anymore. As a result, the events and training sessions could no longer take place.

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05.09.2023 By Mohamud Farah

A day with our adessi: Mohamud Farah

Picture Mohamud Farah

This blog post outlines a morning routine that begins with the author taking care of his daughter and transitions into his role as a Microsoft 365 Consultant at Rabobank. He participate in daily team meetings, address OneDrive issues, and have a meeting with Microsoft to gather data for a data loss prevention dashboard. The day ends with the author picking up his daughter from daycare, and he mention’s plans for an upcoming team day at the office with Scrum rituals.

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19.04.2023 By Eugène Dauphin

A day with our adessi: Powering Up Productivity

Picture Eugène Dauphin

Join us for a day in the life of a tech professional, as our Business Productivity Lead takes you on a journey through his challenging yet rewarding work in the maritime sector. From automating processes to developing user stories and meeting with stakeholders, this is a glimpse into the exciting world of Microsoft Power Platform. Get a taste of the fast-paced and collaborative environment, and see why every day is a fun and enjoyable experience at adesso.

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What do blockchain, DAOs and the metaverse have to do with my digitalisation agenda? Should I look into web3, cryptocurrencies and NFTs? What are DAOs and what is the point of the metaverse? After having delved into the depths of the Internet, in this blog post I aim to put important terms of these trending topics into the corporate context.

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30.11.2021 By Magdalena Stern

Introduction to the relevance of AI ethics

Picture Magdalena Stern

AI will have a significant impact on the future. It is important here to also take a look at the ethical aspects of artificial intelligence. In my blog post, I will explain exactly what issues AI ethics deals with and what different measures can be taken to create an ethically correct AI application.

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10.08.2021 By Nicole Prohaska

Microsoft cloud: an image update

Picture Nicole Prohaska

Lots of people still have reservations when it comes to transitioning to the cloud, especially when the conversation turns to the issue of data security. Complete transparency is an important promise that Microsoft makes to its customers, which is a crucial milestone in the right direction towards building a meaningful position of trust. In my blog post, I would like to give you an overview of the current efforts that Microsoft is making with regard to its cloud.

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