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Change Management & Adoption

adesso believes in a structural approach which supports the transition to the cloud. Based on Microsoft best practices, adesso utilizes the Cloud Adoption Framework to ensure a smooth process.

The Cloud Adoption Framework consists of tools, documentation, and proven practices and includes the following stages:

Create a plan.

We believe in a plan. That is the adesso way. We build a plan that maps your aspirational goals to specific actions. A good plan helps ensure that your efforts map to the desired business outcomes.

Ready your organization.

At this point we start preparing for the actual migration. We create a landing zone, or an environment in the cloud to begin hosting your workloads.

Adopt the cloud.

We start the process to migrate your applications to the cloud. Along the way, together we might find ways to modernize your applications and build innovative solutions that use cloud services.

Govern and manage your cloud environments.

Here, we begin to form your cloud governance and cloud management strategies. As the cloud estate changes over time, so do cloud governance processes and policies. We will create resilient solutions that are constantly optimized.

Overview Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

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