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Data Science & AI

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AI with Microsoft and adesso

The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) support automation by taking over cognitive tasks. With this, you complement the digitalization in your company at the customer interface as well as at processes in organization via the Digital Workplace. With the right tools and the right strategy, the digital workplace becomes an intelligent solution and customer processes can be designed to be more engaging and responsive. This results in significant benefits for companies and employees alike.

Prefabricated AI solutions from Microsoft are immediately available and enable direct benefits without additional effort. In our Interaction Room, we will discuss the topic of AI with you and work out potentials in your company - or let one of our Microsoft experts advise you on individual workplace optimization.

Data & Analytics

Data is the fuel of digitalization and for the use of artificial intelligence.

That is why we have given ourselves the mission statement "Data is our DnA", which motivates us in our projects every day. The topic of Data & Analytics is of key relevance for many companies. In most cases, however, there is a lack of a suitable strategy as well as the corresponding know-how to make acquired data usable.

We already support our customers in both dimensions with the help of methods we have developed ourselves and our extensive expertise in a wide range of technologies. We design efficient data & analytics processes and support you as independent consultants with methods we have developed ourselves and with our strong technological expertise.

We live in the age of Big Data

Huge amounts of data are generated in almost all areas. More and more companies not only want to collect this data and prepare it for reporting, but also want to derive added value from it through advanced analytics. This includes, among other things, the collection of valuable knowledge about market conditions, the promotion of cross/up-selling or the prediction and decision-making based on this data. Our goal is to generate a competitive advantage for you from your collected data.

Modern data & analytics projects include the precise determination of requirements in communication with the respective departments, the integration and provision of the data platform and the analysis and evaluation of the data volumes based on this. In this way, we guarantee detailed insights into the data and enable future forecasts.

The use of AI methods - such as machine learning or deep learning - represents an important foundation for such forecasts. Benefit from our services in this area, which meet the increasing integration of Big Data platforms and data science solutions. The combination of business engineering, the provision of data platforms - whether structured as a data warehouse or semi-structured as a data lake - and the "data science" topic that builds on this represents our broad service portfolio in the area of data & analytics.

We know the current technologies on the market and support our customers end-to-end in the data & analytics area. Together with our industry-specific business engineers, we develop your DnA strategy. The CPM supports business planning and simulation. Our consultants have the necessary expertise from sales planning to balance sheet management and commodity allocation.

In the area of data management and big data engineering, we construct large modern data platforms - such as data warehouse, data lake or hybrid scenarios - and operationalize them with or for our customers. Once the data is available, we use targeted methods from the field of data science & advanced analytics to evaluate it using AI. Our experts identify suitable use cases, develop them in the DataLab and operationalize them on the appropriate data platform.

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