The major AI study 2020

Between possibilities, actions and wariness


What do your customers think about chatbots? How important are cloud technologies in an AI context to your competitors? What importance do other responsible persons attach to AI technologies? These are just some of the questions from our major AI survey 2020. 1,000 consumers and over 300 decision-makers answered our questions. The result was a detailed picture of the actual AI situation. What plans do companies have? What expectations do end customers have? Our conclusion: Instead of the often conjured up "German fear" we see rather a "German curiosity". The openness and interest on the part of the customers are there.

We summarized the central statements of this survey for you in the report "AI - a stocktaking". These facts help you to compare your own situation and your own plans. And at the same time to learn more about the people who are crucial to the success of many AI initiatives: Your customers.

We paid particular attention to two topics in our survey

Special Chatbot

Chat bots are one of the first concrete application scenarios for AI for many companies. The dialogue-based systems are often used in external service processes - and they also perform well here. The vast majority of customers can imagine communicating with a chatbot. A quite surprising result: Those who already have chatbot experience rate the dialogue quite positively - 59 percent with "good" or better.

special cloud

The technology behind the technology: Cloud offerings also play this role in the AI environment. And this is now the case for a considerable number of respondents. Pretty much exactly half of the companies that already have experience with AI applications rely on cloud solutions. On the one hand, to obtain preconfigured AI applications. On the other hand, to benefit from infrastructure advantages.

You can read more details in our report "AI - a stocktaking".

Artificial intelligence is not a replacement for human discussion

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