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Software Engineering

From Architecture to Implementation

Our software development is primarily focused on the implementation of tailor-made solutions: for requirements and missions where off-the-shelf software is not enough. The scope of our services includes the development of new solutions based on modern architectures, their maintenance and upgrades, as well as the integration of third-party systems. Our portfolio ranges from highly complex integration systems with huge data volumes to responsive Web applications with outstanding user acceptance to mobile apps offering excellent user experience.


In our projects, we bet, among other things, on leading marketable Java, Enterprise Content Management and Microsoft technologies. Our cross-manufacturer approach creates neutrality, and is of advantage especially in heterogeneous IT landscapes, which revolve around the integration of applications and systems.


With our services and deployed technologies, we flexibly respond to market needs and develop modern customisable applications. For this purpose, it is necessary to understand problems that are specific to various industries, and develop appropriate solutions. Our employees combine high technical skills with extensive industry-related knowledge. The interaction of technology and professionalism makes it possible for customers’ actually existing needs to be implemented along their specific processes, and, consequently, for professionalism to be reflected in applications


In addition to professional and technical know-how, methodical competence is an essential cornerstone of successful software development projects.

We consider ourselves pragmatists with a big baggage of methodologies. At the same time, cooperative partnership is of extreme value to us, as it enables to create solutions offering added value that is true and sustainable. Our wealth of experience in lean and agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban and SAFe helps make projects absolutely successful. But we are also very goal-oriented and successful in classical project management, feeling confident with market-leading project management methods and best practices (such as PMI, IPMA, Hermes) and thus knowing how to adhere to time, budget and quality.

Our Development Special Squads

Bluefront | Blue4IT | CodeSquad

Specialized in the development of front-end and back-end software applications for large corporates such as banks, various multinationals and government institutions: Our "special squads" are the perfect match if your are lookig for premium frontend developers, ambitious software developers or java specialist!

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