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"Data is our DnA"

Success thanks to data has nothing to do with numbers, algorithms, systems or processes. We believe it is a people business and that every client has unique data challenges and needs. Therefore, we apply a tailor-made approach for each client because we are convinced that proven methodologies and frameworks should be used as a guideline in combination with a personalized solution.

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Strategy & Organisation

Data driven organisations are successful organizsations. The reason is simple: they use actionable insights from data, and they use these in their decision-making process. This creates flexibility, agility and the momentum to act swiftly when the environment changes. In order to achieve this, we support our clients in setting up a sustainable data strategy and organisation.

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It starts with a data maturity scan to assess the data organisation on multiple aspects, like: leadership, people, culture, technology, processes etc. This provides a healthy snapshot of the current situation.

Defining a vision and data strategy is key to set priorities, goals and to move the entire organisation into one direction. Transparency, collaboration and clear objectives are essential in this process.

Defining the right organisational model depends on the data maturity of the organisation. We believe that decentralised, centralised or hub & spoke models should be tailor made based on the needs of our clients.

When organisations already have a clear data strategy and organisation, it often happens that the results are lagging. A data literate organisation will help to increase speed and impact of using data. We support our clients in setting up data literacy programs to achieve their business goals faster and more efficient.

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Data Platform & Architecture

The data platform architecture consists of multiple functional components that represent a set of tasks layers forming the data platform within an organisation.

The different layers of the data platform architecture comprise of data ingestion or collection, data storage/data warehouse and integration, data processing, analysis & user interface that form together the data pipeline within the organisation.

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Combining and making data available in this current day and age is crucial that allows organisations to achieve the gold standard of a data-driven organisation. In essence, a well-functioning and optimised data platform architecture can provide the necessary functionalities to maintain existing infrastructures, new capabilities and ensures data integrity that can be made available for (business) users or other systems through (advanced) analytics.

We combine the best current data platform architecture practices and our experience to help our clients with a uniquely designed solution to be more data driven.

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Corporate performance management

Corporate performance management (CPM) is a concept that is used to describe the various methodologies and processes within an organisation that aligns with its overall strategies to achieve successfully its goals.

CPM is a part of business intelligence (BI) solutions that consists of managing- and monitoring organisations performance through reporting, dashboarding, self-service analytics, and process optimisation that uses key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Our team of experts combine proven methodologies of CPM with state-of-the-art data-driven solutions to enable organisations to succeed in their strategic goals. Therefore, we offer customised solutions to our clients including reporting, dashboarding and process optimisation.

As a result, our clients have better fact-based decision-making, are more adaptable to the changing environment and enhanced strategic planning which together lead to an optimized Return on Investment (ROI).

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Data science & advanced analytics

Data is the fuel of digitalisation and for the use of Advanced Analytics. That is why we have given ourselves the mission statement "Data is our DnA", which motivates us in our projects every day.

The topic of Data & Analytics is of key relevance for many companies.

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In most cases, however, there is a lack of a suitable strategy as well as the corresponding know-how to make acquired data actionable. We already support our clients in both dimensions with the help of methods we have developed ourselves and our extensive expertise in a wide range of technologies. We design efficient data & analytics processes and support you with methods we have developed ourselves and with our strong technological expertise & strategic alliances.

We help our clients to get more value out of their data with visualization- (i.e. Power BI, Tableau, Qlik), reporting- (i.e. SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Nprinting, Cubes- Tabular) and analytics tooling (i.e R, Python, KNIME, SAS, Hadoop, Spark, Cplex).

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Data Governance / Management

When dealing with data, the last thing you want is dealing with inconsistent data between systems or departments. That is where Data Governance comes into play. The goal of Data Governance is to create trusted, high-quality data within the organisation, which is compliant to all regulations.

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To make Date Governance work, all critical stakeholders should be involved, especially the business users should be the owners of the Data Governance initiative (and not the IT department). The IT department should deliver software deployments and the framework to ensure master data management, data quality, security etc.

The need for Date Governance is growing because data volumes and sources are increasing, resulting in more data inconsistencies. Date Governance is key to prevent organisations making decisions using incorrect information.

We assist our clients to achieve higher productivity, cost efficiency and more agility to adept and respond to the changing world by using Data Governance for business processes & strategy to make better decisions.

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For an eCommerce company, it is crucial to have all the proper insights available, such as an anomaly case dashboard. These kinds of companies have a tremendous amount of Big Data as they receive on a daily basis inbound and outbound commercial online data. Initially, there was no well-organized, collected, ordered, and cleansed data in one dashboard which showed the anomalies (bar code missing, package damaging, wrong bar code etc.) in one place.

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Data & Analytics Opportunities

Are yout not afraid of "Big Data"? Do you think in dashboards? And is DnA really in your DNA? Then we really need to get to know you, check our job offers and become an "adessi"!

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