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Display the outbound sorting cases/mistakes

Domain: Big Data Engineering

Client: eCommerce company in The Netherlands

Subject: Display the outbound sorting cases/mistakes

For an eCommerce company, it is crucial to have all the proper insights available, such as an anomaly case dashboard. These kinds of companies have a tremendous amount of Big Data as they receive on a daily basis inbound and outbound commercial online data. Initially, there was no well-organized, collected, ordered, and cleansed data in one dashboard which showed the anomalies.

Display the outbound sorting cases/mistakes


  • Implement a data warehouse view, which can be the “hub” for the multiple views.
  • Provide simplicity which can be an advantage on the underneath complex database.
  • Implement a BI tool workspace, where we can depict the desired solution.
  • Chose plots on a wide variety depending on the business cases.
  • Show all the substantial features in the dashboard to support the stakeholders directly at the sorting area.


  • Significant performance optimization regarding the manageable failures.
  • Productivity increase of 8-10% due to additional insights.
  • Improvements in reselling capabilities.
  • Higher customer satisfaction rate through the website.


This solution resulted in tangible improvements on wrong-sorted items on a daily basis and reinforced the process to make more improvements. It resulted in clear cost savings.

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Arjan Schoe

Director Data & Analytics adesso Netherlands Arjan Schoe


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