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Domain: Business Intelligence

Client: Provider of Supply Chain products & Services

Subject: Retrieving Financial Insight related to Repairing Costs

This client is one of the few logistic product providers within Europe with 23.000 customers with its own pool management systems.

"Financial Insight"

The Project

The client used to have various reports across different users that did not actively shared information regarding reparation financial data , stock position, and in- and outflow. This lead to lack of understanding and insight of its repair flow of the organization. Hence, the client was in need of more overall and financial insight in their repair flow of the damaged return products from their customers. The costs of repairing is the main expense of the organization and therefore having a good understanding where, who and how those costs are shaped could help in finding better solutions and strategies in reducing those costs or being able to prepare for planning and forecasting. During this project additional requirements were collected from the managements needs that included a representation of the stock position flow, in -and outflow of products and planned quantities to be repaired. Hence, developing a broader dashboard that covers the cycle of repaired products was the main goal.

How we handled this

Initially, multiple stakeholders within the management responsible for operation were involved within this project in collecting the desired requirements. In addition, with the support of the financial controller the required data was located and fine tuned according to the organizational needs. With this, the following steps were performed in accomplishing the requested goal:

  • Locating all the required data in the primary sources and systems
  • Adding missing data within the ETL procedure
  • Creating a data model that connects all those sources with each other
  • Developing data marts through data manipulation for the specific usage of this project
  • Implementing business layers withing dashboard tooling for better performance
  • Creating a user-friendly dashboard that uses interactive tooling’s such as buttons.
  • Presenting to the management and future users


  • Additional data sources were added into the existing ETL procedures to be used within the dashboard
  • Improved data pipeline of financial and logistic data in a more structured and redefined manner
  • A documentation list of all related scripting work and logic
  • An interactive and user-friendly Dashboard that not only provides the financial insight but also the in- and outflow of the logistical aspect


Overall, the management was satisfied with the delivery of the dashboard and the insight gained from it. The dashboard is now being used for understanding the flow of repair items and the related costs as well as for repair planning, forecasting and analysis.

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Arjan Schoe

Director Data & Analytics adesso Netherlands Arjan Schoe


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