25 jahre adesso

25 years adesso

Celebrate with us!

1997 was an eventful year: Google.com went online, the chess computer Deep Blue beat grandmaster Garri Kasparov for the first time and Netflix launched its online video store - at that time still with DVD postage instead of streaming.

It was in this environment of digital awakening that adesso was founded in Germany. Motivated by the desire to develop good software and use technologies wisely, we pursued the same goal then as we do now: to make the best possible use of IT potential for our customers.

While motivation and goals have remained the same over the past 25 years, almost everything else has changed. We saw technologies rise and hypes disappear. What used to fill desks now fits in our pockets. adesso has managed to stay on top of the times despite all the changes.

How did we manage that? Let's dare to look back and look forward at the same time. Come with us: Let's go on a time travel together to milestones from 25 years of adesso and enter new terrain with us - the adesso Virtual Hub! The Virtual Hub is initially only available in German.

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