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Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra, I am a 24-year-old software engineer at adesso, and I’ll take you through my day as an adessi.

Every morning, I wake up at 7am. As I am mainly working remote, I can enjoy my breakfast at home and don’t have to worry about traffic or train schedules, until I start my work at 8am.

At some days, I’m also going to the office, because I really like the networking opportunities. As I just switched from adesso SE in Germany to adesso NL this year, so I am pretty new in the Netherlands, I still have to get to know everyone – this works best in our open office space! When working from the office, I usually start at 9am, because I take the train from Amsterdam to the office before.

I’m starting my work with a cup of coffee and having a look at my tasks on the JIRA board.

Then, I do some coding and review my colleague’s code.

On 10am I attend our daily meeting in which we talk about what everyone has done, is going to do today, and whether there are any problems.

After the daily, I continue coding again, but I also have some appointments with stakeholders and other technical staff, from adesso as well as from the customer.

As we are working according to the SCRUM framework, there are also plenty of other meetings throughout the week, for example the planning or a retro.

At 12am, I’m usually doing my lunch break. When I’m working from home, I tend to go out and grab some food. When I’m at the office, I enjoy joining the AirFridays where I get some delicious vegetarian kroketten.

My work is over at 5pm. When I’m working remotely, I’m going outside afterwards, or attending some lectures for my part-time studies at the university.

When I’m in the office, I’m joining the colleagues for a beer before I leave.

On some days, we also have a “kennisavond” - which translates to “knowledge evening” – and which we use for presentations about topics we are interested in, discussing conferences we attended lately, or doing coding katas. On my first kennisavond, I told the others more about my project, as it is a full JavaScript-project, and I listened to a really good talk about DeepLearning4J.

After I get home from the office or the university, or simply after finishing my work at home, I make some dinner and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Picture Alexandra Schlüter

Author Alexandra Schlüter

As Software Engineer Alexandra Schlüter is part of the growing team of CodeSquad at adesso Netherlands.


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