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I usually start the day before the alarm goes off when one of the children wakes up. We begin the day at the dining table with a cappuccino and breakfast. Then, between 8 and 9, I start my laptop; today, I am working from home.

First, there's a standup meeting scheduled with the low-code team of the client I work for. During this meeting, we review what happened yesterday and discuss what's on the agenda for today. Currently, we are working on completing a project in which we are transferring an app as-is from another platform to the Power Platform. Additionally, we've also begun gathering requirements for a new project that will start soon.

Today, my focus is on finishing the first mentioned project. The current app is being recreated as a canvas app, and we are currently working on setting up the logging. The logging is already being recorded; the goal now is to display this logging in specific locations within the app. In the morning, I'll be working on a logging component to make it reusable in the app. In the afternoon, there will be a brief session to align requirements for the new project in between tasks.

At the end of the day, I hand over the progress of my work to a low-code colleague, as I will be working in a different project team for the rest of the week. In this project team, the focus is on Dynamics, and we have a Proof of Concept (POC) planned for the use of plugins.

Once this handover is complete, I pack my things because the next day, I will be on-site at the client's location.

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As MS 365 Consultant Eelco Pit t is part of the growing team of Micrsoft at adesso Netherlands.


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