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Who are you?

I am Patrick Flege, 32 years old, born and raised in Germany. I now live with my partner in Zuilen, Utrecht. In my spare time, I enjoy sports, such as climbing and strength training, reading, and music (bit even playing and listening). I also really enjoy getting to know new cultures and tackling ambitious learning projects, such as learning a new language.

How long have you been working as a Java developer?

About three years, since April 2020.

Why did you choose to become a Java developer?

During my traineeship, the focus was on Object-Oriented Programming, and here mainly on Java. So didn't actually consciously go for Java, but it was more or less what was needed at the time to get a job. Later, I just really liked the whole ecosystem around Java. Given that Java forces you to compile, you find errors very early, compared to other languages that had a different kind of typing. This was very motivating when I started as a developer I do know about other languages too, such as C, Python, Perl, Javascript or Typescript, but given the maturity of the language, Java is nevertheless still my favourite.

How long have you been working at CodeSquad?

Since October 2022.

What was your reason for joining CodeSquad?

Codesquad is a small organisation with short lines to management, which I found useful to be able to work pragmatically. Furthermore, a lot of value was placed from the start on continuous knowledge development, which is also a big plus.

A further bonus, despite the fact that Codesquad is even small and fairly autonomous, is the connection with adesso, a large international company. You have lots of opportunities to choose between different projects and training! So basically 'the best of both worlds', small but still lots of choices.

How would you describe CodeSquad?

A small group of highly motivated developers, who are driven to develop even further. Furthermore, everyone encourages each other to keep learning and developing. I find that incredibly important. With the knowledge evenings, code katas and the connection with the Utrecht Java User Group, there is always something to do!

Apart from this, Codesquad also places a lot of importance on your personal goals a development, which is very important to me.

Which client are you with now?

At Rabobank in Utrecht.

What is the purpose of your project at the client and what is your role in it?

We are currently working on an app for mobile identification of customers and non-customers. This app should eventually be integrated into the mobile banking app, as it is a lot of work for customers to download a separate app just for identification and remove it again immediately after use.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of the work you do now?

I work on both frontend and backend, so I see how all the functionality is connected. I really enjoy that. Often you just work in your corner and don't see how everything is connected. This kind of 'birds-eye view' in my work is quite nice.

Which tool, or technique are you excited about?

I am particularly fascinated by test-driven development, because this way, by following best practices, very beautiful and well-structured code is created! As a framework, I really like Spring, because you can focus entirely on business logic and the boilerplate code is abstracted away. Reactive programming, which introduced me to it through frontend work, I also find quite interesting!

What book should every developer have read?

- Clean code by Robert Martin

- Test-driven Development by Kent Beck

What websites do you follow to keep up with your knowledge?

Mostly 'Baeldung' for questions with Spring and Java. And Adam Bien's blog!

What conferences have you attended and/or would like to attend again?

I attended Devoxx Antwerp last October. I found that very interesting. Furthermore, I am interested in the JavaZone conference in Oslo!

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Author Patrick Flege

As Java Developer Patrick Flege is part of the growing Codesquad of adesso Netherlands.


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