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My alarm is usually set at 7:00 AM. First tasks are making sure my teenage daughters leave for school in time and walking the dog; we have a nice little Dachshund. Around 8:00 AM I usually leave to go to the office or start at 8:30 at my home office.

I start my work catching up on the news by reading some online papers. Every other Monday I chair our adesso Management Board where we discuss the state of our business from a sales, HR and financial perspective. We decide what to do to meet this years’ targets and what needs to be done to be ready for next year.

Other meetings I have during the week are mostly related to Sales, Recruitment or Operations. I try to have at least two customer meetings each week.

Since I bring my own lunch I don’t really take the time to have a break at noon. The one lunch I enjoy the most is the one on ‘AirFriday’, where I have some airfried ‘kroketten’ with all colleagues present, having very pleasant conversations about everything but work. I’m very pleased that more colleagues are picking up this tradition, enjoying our fine Dutch cuisine ;-).

Since I don’t have a fixed routine I can have some more meetings or calls in the afternoon, work on a presentation, write some e-mails or simply contemplate about the future of our company.

In the evening I try to have dinner with my family. However, with the busy schedules of my daughters, it’s very hard to get together every day.

To unwind I’d like to play football (I’m the captain of my team, called Vintage) or ride my MTB; last year I purchased my first carbon ‘fully’. Walking the dog in the woods really helps clearing my mind.

Picture Jan Heuker

Author Jan Heuker

Jan Heuker, Managing Director at adesso Netherlands BV.


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