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It is 07:30 in the morning and my biological alarm, or daughter, has woken me up. She is starting to wake up, which means everyone in the house must be slowly waking up. I lift her out of bed and put her in bed with us. It is always nice to have a cuddle with my little princess.

Today is Thursday and my little one goes to childcare. Depending on the day, morning rituals may vary. By now, we are all out of bed and getting ready for the day ahead.

After dropping my daughter off, it's time to get down to business. But first: coffee. Without it, I won't get anywhere. As soon as I have my coffee, I log in to start working for Rabobank.

I am currently working as a Microsoft 365 Consultant for 36 hours a week at Rabobank in Utrecht. I am in the Tech4HR, Collaboration & Productivity team. Within this team, we have several squads, each responsible for a specific application or solution within Microsoft 365. I am part of the SharePoint squad. Together with my colleagues, I work daily to further develop the platform and strive to provide end users with a hassle-free experience.

Every day we start with a Daily stand-up, where we discuss what needs to be done that day. We also go through any risks so that we can address issues in the current sprint before they have an impact. Once everything is discussed, everyone gets to work according to the sprint schedule.

In the afternoon, I have a follow-up meeting with my colleagues about the use of OneDrive within the organisation. Unfortunately, research shows that many users struggle to use OneDrive properly, resulting in lost documents. This is confirmed by the many incident reports to various support groups. For this meeting, in preparation, I looked at the previous meeting that took place during my holiday.

At the end of the day, I have a meeting with Microsoft. During the meeting, we want to get more information from Microsoft about error messages generated by OneDrive. We need this additional data for a dashboard we are currently developing. This dashboard will enable us to react more proactively to problems with colleagues' laptops, with the aim of preventing data loss.

After this last Microsoft meeting, I think I've had enough for today and am going to pick up my daughter from daycare.

Tomorrow, a day at the office is planned with the team. We come to the office every six weeks to work together. Besides work, we also follow many Scrum rituals on this day, such as a retrospective.

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Author Mohamud Farah

As Microsoft 365 Consultant Mohamud Farah is part of the growing team of Microsoft at adesso Netherlands.

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