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I start the day with a delicious cappuccino and a light breakfast. I usually start my working day at around 8 o'clock. I am currently working for a very interesting client in the maritime sector and am involved in automating processes using the Microsoft Power Platform.

One of the projects I am currently working on is an application for approving drawings with external suppliers. It is challenging and interesting. Thanks to my efforts, the process of approving drawings with external suppliers has already become more efficient and effective.

As part of our agile team, we work with the scrum methodology to manage our projects in the most efficient way. During our stand-up meetings, we discuss our progress and any obstacles we need to overcome. Today, I also updated the scrum board to visually track our tasks and project progress.

Besides updating the scrum board, I also had a meeting with stakeholders to discuss what new requirements they have for the application we are currently working on. It is nice to hear what the customer thinks of our work and to work together to realise their vision. We discussed how to integrate the new requirements into our planning and what steps we needed to take to achieve this.

During my short weekly meeting with my team members, we discuss the current week and next week. It's great fun to discuss our plans for the future and how we can help each other achieve our goals.

After a productive morning, I prepare for "AirFriday", a meeting we host almost every Friday. I can't wait to see my colleagues again and catch up on our projects over a croquette sandwich. It's a great way to end the week and kick off the weekend with my colleagues!

Following lunch, I have a job interview with a candidate. It's great to meet and get to know new talents. I am always looking for new colleagues and growth.

Finally, I work on developing a user story before getting in the car to drive home.

In short, it was a fun and enjoyable working day.

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Author Eugène Dauphin

As Business Productivity Lead Eugène Dauphin is part of the growing Microsoft Team of adesso Netherlands.

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