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It's Friday morning, and I am awakened by our new puppy Teddy, who jumps onto the bed around 7 a.m. as soon as it gets light. That's my signal to get up and take him outside. During our morning stroll, I can think about my plans for the day. But before I begin, there's only one priority: coffee.

With my cup of coffee in hand, I settle in at my home workspace and log in to my laptop. First, I check my emails and Teams messages for any updates. Then I open Jira to review my task list and determine what's on the agenda for today. At 10:00, there's a Daily Sprint meeting scheduled, where I discuss with my team what everyone is working on and where we help each other if someone gets stuck.

Now, the real work begins. I quickly dive into my Custom Pages that I develop on the Power Platform. These pages are integrated into various Model Driven Apps, allowing us to interact with the many APIs of the ecosystem and display data in a customized way.

For the development of these Custom Pages, I collaborate closely with colleagues focusing on the Model Driven App side. We discuss how to exchange data and try out various methods for it. Before I start my lunch, I take a detour with Teddy. We drive to a nearby dog park where many other dogs gather to play and burn off energy around lunchtime. While Teddy enjoys himself with his new friends, I savor the sunny weather and take a walk along the canal in Breda.

After a quick lunch, it's time for a refinement session. Here, we sit down with users and key users of the system we are delivering. We discuss their workflows and how we can integrate them into the new OnePRM system. developers are often present to answer technical questions. These sessions provide us with a deep understanding of the landscape and help us make crucial decisions about development.

After the refinement session, I get back to work on my Custom Pages and work diligently until the end of the workday. The weekend is just around the corner, and once I finish my adesso work, I prepare for an adventurous evening. Besides my work at adesso, I also serve as a tour manager and photographer for a hardstyle DJ. Tonight, there's a performance scheduled at a festival in Hilvarenbeek. I pack my bag, check my camera equipment, and get in the car. I pick up the artist, enjoy an amazing show, and then return home satisfied.

It was a long and busy day, but I enjoyed it. I quickly go to sleep because tomorrow, there's another show scheduled at the same festival. My life at adesso and as a tour manager and photographer in the music industry comes with its challenges, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Picture Walter  van der Stelt

Author Walter van der Stelt

As Power Plataform Consultant Walter van der Stelt is part of the growing team of Micrsoft at adesso Netherlands.


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