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It is crucial for companies to support other organizations that aim to make a positive impact on our community, especially those that focus on educating and inspiring children. One such organization is the Devoxx4Kids Foundation in The Netherlands, which aims to introduce children to IT at a young age and create awareness of the field in a fun and engaging way. The foundation relies on the support of volunteers and sponsors to organize events and workshops, and adesso Netherlands is one of the companies that recognise the importance of their work and has made a donation to support it.

The shortage of well-trained IT staff is a well-known issue that is expected to worsen in the coming years. To tackle this problem in the long term, it is essential to expose children to the field of IT from a young age, so they can develop an interest in it and pursue an education in the future. The Devoxx4Kids Foundation plays a crucial role in achieving this goal by creating awareness of IT among children and inspiring them to learn more about programming in a fun and interactive way.

The foundation achieves this by supporting companies in organizing Devoxx4Kids days and using the LITTIL platform to connect professionals in the field with schools to provide IT lessons and workshops. This work is carried out entirely by volunteers who are passionate about introducing children to the world of technology. Eddy Vos, a board member of the Devoxx4Kids Netherlands Foundation, emphasizes the importance of their volunteers and sponsors in achieving their mission.

On March 25th the Utrecht Java User Group organized a Devoxx4Kids day which hosted 50 children at Ordina's headquarters in Nieuwegein. The venue and catering were provided by Ordina, a consulting and IT services company, along with InTraffic. The Devoxx4Kids Foundation provided a partial financial contribution to make the event more cost-effective for the UtrechtJUG. This contribution was made possible thanks to the €2000 donation from adesso Netherlands.

Jan Heuker, the director of adesso Netherlands, highlights the significance of Devoxx4Kids' work and the role it plays in ensuring that children have the opportunity to learn about IT, regardless of their parents' profession.

We think it is important that children are given the opportunity to learn about IT at an early age. When parents work in the field, it is obvious that their children will come into contact with it sooner or later. But for children whose parents do not work within IT, this is much less obvious. This is precisely why the Devoxx4Kids days and guest lessons at primary and secondary schools are so important.

adesso Netherlands is proud to have been able to support the Devoxx4Kids Foundation through their donation. We believe in the importance of educating children about IT and we are thrilled to have been able to contribute to this worthy cause. We hope that our support will inspire other companies to get involved and help make a difference in the lives of young people. For more information about the Devoxx4Kids Foundation in The Netherlands and how you can help support their work, please contact Eddy Vos at eddy@devoxx4kids.nl

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