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05.12.2023 By Sebastiaan Draijer

A day with our adessi: Sebastiaan Draijer

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22.11.2023 By Alexandra Schlüter

A day with adessi: Alexandra Schlüter

Picture Alexandra Schlüter
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18.10.2023 By Eelco Pit

A day with adessi: Eelco Pit

Picture Eelco Pit
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06.10.2023 By Walter van der Stelt

A day with our adessi: Walter van der Stelt

Picture Walter van der Stelt
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20.09.2023 By Jan Heuker

A day with our adessi: Jan Heuker

Picture Jan Heuker
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05.09.2023 By Mohamud Farah

A day with our adessi: Mohamud Farah

Picture Mohamud Farah

This blog post outlines a morning routine that begins with the author taking care of his daughter and transitions into his role as a Microsoft 365 Consultant at Rabobank. He participate in daily team meetings, address OneDrive issues, and have a meeting with Microsoft to gather data for a data loss prevention dashboard. The day ends with the author picking up his daughter from daycare, and he mention’s plans for an upcoming team day at the office with Scrum rituals.

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24.08.2023 By Teresa Canelas

A day with our adessi: Teresa Canelas

Picture Teresa Canelas

Experience Teresa's remote adventure with adesso, from productive workdays to enchanting evenings in The Hague, join her journey of work and exploration!

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19.07.2023 By Jordy Zenik

A day with our adessi: Jordy Zenik

Picture Jordy Zenik

Jordy, a Software Engineer at our special squad Blue4IT. His client is Alliande tell us how is a day of work. He starts his morning participating in a stand-up meeting, brainstormed a new system, designed algorithms, and sought advice from ChatGPT. After coding for a bit, he logged off and went to the gym, ready for another day at work.

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Discover the perfect board game for your next team activity in this post you can check the 10 types of board games tailored to different types of developers. Whether you're a team player, planner, risk-taker, politician, pair programmer, cherry-picker, independent worker, reviewer, analyst, or communicator, there's a game recommended just for you.

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