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In the world of agile software development, there are various approaches to help teams work together efficiently and deliver high-quality products. Two popular models are the classic Scrum and the Spotify model. In this blog post, I will explore the differences between the two approaches and examine their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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Software Development

The day-to-day work in software development is work that requires a lot of brainpower. It involves high cognitive demands and skills in which perception and attention play a special role. The problem with this is that the way people think can be distorted. A distorted way of thinking leads to thinking traps and consequently to mistakes. Anyone who has mastered a few perceptual-psychological basics can adapt their way of working and especially their programming style in a way that avoids thinking traps and recognises mistakes more quickly.

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Software Development

01.03.2022 By Marius Voskamp

A journey to good software

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My goal in software development is to build programmes and features that people need and like to use. Only on the way did I slowly realise that simply writing code would probably not be enough. This journey continues to this day. In my blog post, I would like to share the crucial insights and changes of mind I had and give you an idea of what the world of software development is like.

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