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02.05.2023 By Mustafa Bozkurt

A day with our adessi: Mustafa

Picture Mustafa Bozkurt
Software Development

World Backup Day is a global initiative that takes place annually on the 31st of March. It was established to raise awareness about the importance of data backup and to encourage individuals and businesses to protect their critical data. On this day, people are reminded of the devastating consequences of data loss and the importance of having a backup plan in place.

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30.11.2021 By Magdalena Stern

Introduction to the relevance of AI ethics

Picture Magdalena Stern

AI will have a significant impact on the future. It is important here to also take a look at the ethical aspects of artificial intelligence. In my blog post, I will explain exactly what issues AI ethics deals with and what different measures can be taken to create an ethically correct AI application.

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