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Awesome stuff usually starts with a super cool idea, a ton of hard work, and yes, sometimes, a few tears along the way. In the tech world, those amazing ideas turn into lines of code… and, yes, lots of them. If you want your app to be loved by loads of people, you're going to need more than just a good idea – you need the tech to support it.

From zero to superhero

That's where the magic of cloud computing and automation comes in. It's like going from zero to superhero, building up a massive setup that can handle tons of users in just a few hours. No need to buy and pile up hardware or deal with complicated setups. All of that is old school. Today, everything's up in the cloud, ready whenever you need it. Sure, you'll have to pay for what you use, but it's worth it when your idea is solid gold and the audience is happy.

Is your infrastructure scalable proof?

But what if your idea really hits it big? Like one day you have 20 people using your app, and the next, you're looking at 2 million? The scale can be made easily in the cloud, but the question is, ‘Have you prepared your infrastructure to be scalable proof?’ That's when you need to be sure your tech can keep up, without breaking a sweat.

The story of a startup with a big dream

This is the story of a startup with a big dream that got a little stuck. They had this nifty app sitting on Azure's most basic setup. It worked fine… at first. But when more and more people from all over the world started using it, things got a bit messy. The app began to crash, users were waiting forever for it to load, and everyone was getting frustrated.

They realized quickly that their cloud infrastructure is not prepared to be scalable, reliable, and globally accessible, so they’ve asked adesso to help them. And we started from square one, redesigning everything in their Azure setup to be solid, fast, and ready for the world.

What they do

Our client's business was booming. They were all about creating tech that made everyday tasks a breeze. Though we can’t name names, just know they're the kind of people who dream big and digital.

Rebuilding from the ground up

When adesso stepped in, we didn't just patch holes. We got our hands dirty and built them a brand-new home in Azure from the ground up. We laid out a fresh environment in Azure where their app could run, jump, and grow without bumping into anything. And we crafted it with the highest security… think of it as having the best security system money can buy.

The big difference

Next up, we turned manual processes into automated ones. Think robots doing the heavy lifting, ensuring that every code deployment was smooth, every update was instant, and everything just worked without a hitch.

We also set up a super-smart alert system that was like having a guard dog that never sleeps, always ready to bark at the slightest issue. This meant they could fix problems before users even knew they existed.

We didn't just stop there. We mapped out their entire Azure architecture, creating a diagram so clear it could be in a tech museum. We made sure their internal team knew their way around it too, with in-depth training sessions that turned them into cloud wizards.

At the end of the day...

We gave them a setup that's not just okay for today, but ready for whatever tomorrow brings. They can welcome users from anywhere, with no stress. And that's a big deal.

Ready to elevate your cloud environment?

Is your awesome idea living on Azure and you’re unsure how to amplify its power and fortify its security? Give adesso a shout. We have a team of passionate and skilled people… and plenty of strategies to supercharge your cloud environment.

Picture Alexandru  Vleju

Author Alexandru Vleju

As Azure Cloud Engineer Alexadru Vleju is a part of the growing Microsoft Team of adesso Netherlands.

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