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Our Development Special Squads

The cooperation between adesso and Blue4IT, CodeSquad and Bluefront is very promising, mainly because of its future development opportunities within the adesso Group. The collaboration on a high level of knowledge and experience instantly brings adesso Netherlands in the situation to tender for challenging projects with attractive clients to support further growth.

In November of 2020 the team of adesso Netherlands made a major step acquiring 3 companies, which were part of Blue Group IT. Blue4IT, Codesquad and Bluefront, are specialized in the development of front-end and back-end software applications for large corporates such as banks, various multinationals and government institutions. This makes them a perfect match for adesso’s strategy and market access.


Software development is our passion. At CodeSquad we are not only driven to work for our clients, but we also enjoy dedicating time to our profession. Knowledge enrichment and knowledge sharing is the most normal thing in the world for us.


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With Java you can create worlds. A desirable skill that demands a lot from your mental abilities. Blue4IT offers an environment in which Java developers structurally function at a high level. Here you get the incentives you need and the support you deserve.


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Bluefront offers premium frontend development services for ambitious organizations. Our passionate experts make an important contribution to the success of our clients.


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