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Looking for answers about generative AI?

GenAI continues to spark questions, and there's still a need for more understanding and expertise in utilizing its potential.

Whether you're seeking insights into the technical fundamentals, exploring practical applications for your business, or aiming to develop GenAI solutions, our team of experts is here to provide tailored guidance and support. Reach out to us today for personalized advice and solutions.

René is Team Lead Data Science at adesso Netherlands

René Wilbers (PhD) is an accomplished data scientist and machine learning engineer with extensive experience in building cutting-edge (Gen)AI solutions that deliver significant business value. René has consistently driven innovation and helped organizations harness the power of data intelligence, enabling transformative AI projects with real impact.

René Wilbers

Simon is a Data Scientist / GenAI Specialist at adesso Netherlands

With his background in AI and data science, Simon brings profound technical expertise to drive business innovation. He currently spearheads the business implementation of GenAI proof-of-concept solutions for multiple corporations. Simon excels in transitioning from strategy to implementation, ensuring GenAI initiatives are seamlessly integrated with existing business processes.

Simon Houtman

Arjan is Director Data & AI at adesso Netherlands

Arjan, with a background in computer science and economics, has extensive experience in the telecom sector, particularly in strategic data projects. This likely provided him with valuable insights into data management, analytics, and AI. His entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrated by founding his own consulting firm, showcases his ability to drive innovation and growth. Arjan's technical knowledge, industry experience, and leadership skills make him well-suited to navigate data-driven solutions and drive success at adesso.

Arjan Schoe

Arjan Schoe

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