NIS2 Directive

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At adesso Netherlands, we are committed to securing your digital world with the latest advancements in cybersecurity technology. Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that your business, data, and critical assets are safeguarded against the ever-evolving threat landscape. With our innovative solution, we provide you with the peace of mind you need to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

NIS stands for Network and Information Security, and it's the cornerstone of protecting essential sectors. The European Union has recognized the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats and has taken a significant step by replacing the 2016 NIS Directive with the more robust NIS2 Directive. In contrast to the original NIS Directive, NIS2 imposes stricter requirements and encompasses a broader range of sectors, with a primary focus on ensuring the business continuity of affected entities. By October 17, 2024 (this date is postponed by the European Commission until further notice) European Union member states are obligated to adopt and incorporate the NIS2 Directive into their national laws.

Sectors Covered by NIS2

NIS2 extends its protective umbrella to a broader range of sectors and organizations that are vital to society, including:

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Discover how adesso can assist your business in achieving and maintaining compliance with NIS2 regulations, both now and in the future. As a strategic partner, we specialize in helping organizations meet their NIS2 compliance requirements. Our comprehensive services range from consulting to an automated NIS2 readiness assessment, streamlining your journey toward NIS2 compliance.

Our team provides the expertise necessary to navigate the intricacies of NIS2, complemented by a state-of-the-art assessment tool that ensures your IT environment is fully prepared to meet all NIS2 requirements.

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    Our cloud security SaaS platform is not only comprehensive but also budget-friendly. Made in Germany, it offers world-class security at a competitive price point.

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    We are proud to introduce the industry's first Security Chaos Engineering product for cloud security, ensuring you stay ahead of emerging threats.

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    You can set up our platform in just 15 minutes. Our intuitive platform provides you with immediate cloud security visibility.

  • Continuous Protection

    We offer a proactive cloud security approach, preventing incidents like data leakage and account takeovers resulting from misconfigured or non-compliant cloud resources.

  • Complete Oversight

    Get a complete overview of your multi-cloud security in one unified platform, simplifying your security management.

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