Streamlining the scrum process
of the Telindus cloud team to
ensure control over the product


The Telindus cloud team is helping customers to transform their IT by delivering managed cloud environments with a service called Cloud Management as a Service. In the process of continuous improvement of this service, the company struggled to adapt to an agile way of working. With the help of adesso, represented by Lukas Klinghammer, Telindus managed to streamline their scrum process to fit the needs of the fast-developing world of cloud.

About Telindus

At Telindus, IT is understood to be the digital foundation of every organization. Therefore, the Dutch company continuously seeks innovative ways to establish that solid IT base. Off-the-shelf solutions are not offered; instead, strategic thinking alongside clients is the approach. Whatever the client's IT ambition may be, the experts of Telindus set it as their goal.

Telindus’ passion for IT is far-reaching: it is deeply rooted in the company’s DNA. Since 1985, a successful track record has been built by Telindus, focusing on various sectors, the latest technologies, and the most innovative services. Their experts enjoy building a robust IT infrastructure that ensures the continuity of the client's organization. With cybersecurity, cloud & datacenter, and networking experts, client data and IT infrastructure is always kept secure and available. Telindus leverages an extensive network as part of the Proximus NXT ICT ecosystem and the advanced solutions from their partners. With years of experience, the digital goals of clients are clearly understood, and they are helped to achieve their ambitions.

The challenge (the issue) and the approach

In the process of the transformation to a cloud-based service approach, the cloud team needed to adapt their way of working to a more holistic approach. The old project-based approach where the responsibilities are clear-cut between the different departments did not transfer well to the cloud, where one engineer fulfills multiple roles.

They tried to tackle this by introducing an agile way of working: Scrum. Without the necessary knowledge the process began to deteriorate, which made it harder for the Product Owner to keep a grip on the product. Lukas helped by explaining the details of the Scrum framework to the whole team and adapting it where necessary to the project's needs. By monitoring the changes and adapting to new challenges, we ensured that the product comes to a successful finish.

Our added value

Without the necessary experience in-house, Telindus contacted adesso, who provided experience and certified knowledge with Scrum. As Lukas had worked on multiple Scrum projects before, he could use his hands-on experience to shine light on the common problems and misconceptions of scrum. The knowledge was shared with the team and led to a deeper understanding of the whole methodology. Because of his technical background, he was also able to contribute to the code base and the CI/CD process.

The result

By ensuring all the Scrum events were being held and moderated properly as well as working out the scrum artifacts, the Product Owner got back in control of his product. The clear structure also helped the team identify what the next steps needed to be. The product backlog was cleaned up and refined.


Telindus proved again to be an excellent partner to work with, as we had prior experience supporting them in their cloud transformation process. Lukas was welcomed with open arms and given free reign over the Scrum process so he could establish a successful agile way of working. Communication and collaboration were always on an equal footing and were based on mutual trust and respect.

"With his theoretical and practical agile/scrum knowledge, Lukas coached not only me as a product owner, but our complete scrum team to regain control, get back on track and boost up our efficiency."

Jos Vulto, Product Owner

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