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with Microsoft Dynamics CRM - automatically well advised

Identify the target customer groups independently and precisely

With Microsoft solutions, you can accurately and independently identify the target customer groups and the appropriate topics. On this foundation, you can build campaigns whose economic success you can measure in euros and cents. When it comes to customer management, our service portfolio ranges from the analysis of your initial situation and your customer data to the adaptation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the BI solutions from Microsoft to your requirements. If you prefer, we can operate your solutions and train your employees. With us on your team, you are ideally equipped to focus on your business.

Customer management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM - automatically well advised

Marketing and sales departments are experiencing the effects of the digital transformation more than ever: today, prospects and buyers are more informed than ever before and have almost infinite choices at their disposal. The result: A successful company does not feed its customers with standardized off-the-shelf offers. It inspires them with individual, proactive services.

We develop individual customer management solutions around Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft BI tools. Solutions that ensure an optimal customer experience. So, you communicate individually and unmistakably with your customers. Two examples:

Next Best Offers

From the past data of all customers, the system determines patterns that enable predictions for individual customers. This enables you to offer products or services in a forward-looking manner without your customers having to act themselves. In this way, you can target your customers according to their individual interests and their specific situation.

Social listening systems

Monitor and analyze the activities of your customers on Facebook and the like. If a customer comments on your company or one of your offers in a social medium, he or she can be addressed directly there. This allows you to use authentic comments for your communication or respond immediately to complaints. And you give your customers a positive experience - in a place where they would not necessarily have expected a reaction from your company.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM + adesso = 100% exploitation of opportunities for you

To enable your company to fully exploit the potential of your customers, our solutions provide you with powerful customer value analyses. This allows you to see briefly how effort and revenue compare for individual customers. At the touch of a button, you can identify the most valuable customers and recognize the opportunities and risks that each of them involves. You keep an eye on the overall development of your customers. For example, you can specifically avoid cancellations.

Our solutions visualize the relevant data in 360-degree views so that you can recognize correlations directly and thus manage your customers better. The system not only displays the customers themselves, but also clearly maps their entire networks. For example, you can see what additional potential exists at a company which is already your customer. Or even at a branch of this company. Resulting in you leaving no opportunity untapped.

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